Ecommerce Marketplace

eCommerce Marketplace

Organizations consisting of a number of decentralzied corporate locations typically struggle to receive deep discounts due to a lack of buying power.  By dividing the purchasing of common products amongst number of competing suppliers a company minimizes the leverage they would have by channeling these purchases to a fewer number of suppliers.  


Customized, Easy-To-Use, One-Stop Shop

  • One-stop shopoping experience built specifically for your organizations’s needs
  • Single dedicated team to keep track of all your programs and purchases. 
  • No training necessary to make purchasing simple.  Intuitive user experience for easy ordering and reordering… just login, search, and buy what you need and get back to your regular responsibilities.
  • No more phoning or faxing ordrs.  No need to take teh time to create multiple purchase orders for multiple vendors.  No more searcing multiple websites looking for a new item.  The LaFramboise Group will build a system that is  your first source, your top source for everyhthing you need.