Consolidator Programs

Save more with Consoldator Programs!

One of the most important focuses of any company is getting the most you can with the money you have.  Organizations operating under strict budgets with limited staffs don’t have the time to manage the purchasing needs of multiple locations to capitalize on the production efficiencies to save huge amounts of money. 

Some decisions have to be made for convenience.

This often leads to individual locations ordering for their own needs in much smaller quantities and much higher price points. 

Our Consolidator function solves this very issue. 

Simply set up a specific time period for your ordering window to remain open, select which products you want to direct your locations to order and leave it to us to do the rest.  At the end of the ordering window, we will consolidate all the orders from all the locations, send a report with totals and final pricing to you for approval.  Once approved, we will mass produce and drop ship to each individual location.

Use this function with a variable print marketing campaign and maximize the benefits of target marketing with brand consistency for a significantly reduced cost!

Consolidator Programs

Combining the benefits of ordering on demand with fulfillment services by ordering exact quantities for each location with bulk savings!